Qatar Banking & Financial Industry: Sneak Peak

Digitalizing financial services in Qatar with innovative and disruptive methods to harmonize a First-Rate experience

Qatar opens gateways to promote FinTech innovation and a robust digitalization platform for its banking and financial services sector to transform into an advanced society capable of achieving sustainable development. Home of one of the world’s progressive science and technology park, digitalizing the financial sector remains a great opportunity to provide domestic and international customers with state of the art innovative financial product offerings through frictionless services

Financial Technology opportunities for economic diversification are one of the four pillars of the VISION 2030

Over 90% of individuals in Qatar are using the internet provides a solid base on which to leverage digitalization

Enhancing Regulations in an effective manner to attract FinTech development, innovation and digitalization

Over 60% growth rate in financial inclusion and financial literacy was achieved until 2016. QCB’s Second Strategic Plan emphasizes to increase these numbers until 2022

In lines with the National Vision 2030, Qatar’s aim is to become a fully cashless society by the FIFA World Cup 2022 to promote world-class digital banking facilities

Qatar to build a FinTech hub by end of 2018 in partnership with international Tech Giants and Platforms

Qatar’s Motivational Drivers: FIFA World Cup 2022 and the Smart City Vision